Dominican Republic residential property market is growing fast, thanks to robust tourist growth and the determined commitment to the country of the luxury international hotel chains , coupled with strong economic fundamentals .

GPD has growth at a pace of 6,3% during the period 2014-2018, the fasted rate in the Latin America and the Caribbean region .This sustained growth has reduced poverty and inequality.

In 2018 the country has received 7,5 million tourist , this figure is getting closer to its total population of 10,3 million people.

Foreign property investments is also encourage by tax incentives, among others :

  • For foreign investors who invest more than US $ 200,000, and retirees or rentiers who become residents of the country
    • Tax free receipt of personal income from foreign sources ( Law 171-07)
    • 50% exception from property tax
  • Developers are relieved off all national and municipal taxes for ten years, including the tax on transfer of ownership to the first purchaser off a property.

Foreigners are further encourage by strong economy , stable government , improving infrastructures and easy access via it´s 8 international airports.

In Casa de Campo all real estate transactions are made in US $, which gives great stability to the investment.

The volume off luxury property transactions has been continuously rising in the past several years ,the Dominican Republic is also attractive for investors looking for high rentals yields , in some areas rentals yields goes as high as 10% annually.

We want to help you in taking advantage of all the benefits this market is ready to offer you.

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